How do you jailbreak your you pod touch?

Answer Well from my experience, there are different programs that have different ways to jailbreak an ipod touch. And what generation and iOS it has. I would recommend as of about 3/10/12 or so have a 3rd... Read More »

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Can you enable home screen wallpapers and multitasking on iOS 4.0 iPod touch using a jailbreak after your iPods already updated. As in not using the original update file but to plug in and jailbreak?

With RedSn0w there is the option (when jailbreaking) to add multitasking and a homescreen wallpaper.

How do you jailbreak your iPod touch?

A very quick and easy way to jailbreak an iPod touch (any generation) is to: 1. Go to 2. Scroll down and click on what your computer has (EX: Windows) 3. Opens iTunes version 9 ... Read More »

Can you re-jailbreak a iPod touch?

Yes, and no. You can re-jailbreak it if you are using the same jailbreak software. If you re-jailbreak using something else, a lot of things could go wrong. Like your iDevice won't be detected on i... Read More »

Should i jailbreak my ipod touch?

Yes, when you jailbreak your touch it becomes so much more than a music player. You can install third party apps that include games, widgets, and even the iPhone apps-notes, weather, stocks, maps, ... Read More »