How do you jail break iPad 2 in pakistan?

Answer about $399 in the US, although this model is disappearing now.

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Advantages and disadvantages of jail break for ipad mini?

Advantages, what ever reason you want to jail break it.Disadvantages, you can brick it, which is usually unrepairable. You lose your warranty, so if it breaks you have to buy a brand new one. If yo... Read More »

What is the price iPad 2 in Pakistan?

I really have no idea find another place to find out this information.

How do you jail break?

You have to go to prison first. Go rob a bank, and when you get put in a cell with a window, use the nail file you have hidden up your rectum to saw your way out. Or, you can recruit the members o... Read More »

Can you jail break an android?

yes you can. But on android its called "rooting" so if you want to root your android phone you can just go on Google and search how to root android *what ever your firm wear is* and it should come ... Read More »