How do you instantly switch from hdmi to vga?

Answer You can purchase an adapter that almost alwys fits any USB cord or electrical cord. This adapters are located in many different stores, such as, Walmart o RadioShak.

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How do I switch a PS3 from an HDMI?

Hold the "Power" button on the front of the PlayStation 3 console for five seconds to turn it off if it's already on. Disconnect your PS3's HDMI cable. Set it up so it's connected to the TV or moni... Read More »

How to Switch My Display to VGA From HDMI?

There are numerous device inputs on the back of modern day televisions. There are the old school coaxial and RCA inputs, the new wave HDMI inputs, and many even have VGA ports to easily hook up a c... Read More »

How to Switch My PS3 From an HDMI Back to RCA Jacks?

The PlayStation 3, commonly referred to as PS3, supports a variety of video connections to make it compatible with different TV types. HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a high-defin... Read More »

How to Switch From HDMI to AV With a PlayStation 3?

The Playstation 3, often called PS3, is an entertainment system manufactured by Sony. With the PS3 you can play video games, watch Blu-Ray movies, connect to the Internet wirelessly and even rent m... Read More »