How do you install rockbox on your ipod?

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How to Put Rockbox on Your iPod or MP3 Player?

With rockbox you can put different types of files and there are more things to do. Want to see a video of it go to to see a video about it.

Can you get rockbox on the 3rd gen ipod nano?

How to Force an iPod to Install?

An iPod, a personal audio device, is essentially a small computer. Due to this, it can become unstable and unusable due to software corruption, faulty memory sectors or simply an unexplained error.... Read More »

How do you take songs from your iPod using a PC and install them on a mac?

You can "rip" music off any iPod. There are several commercial applications that make this task very easy. There are also many free methods. Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open... Read More »