How do you install a child seat in a 2002 pulsar hatch?

Answer Technically no! Unless the 17 year old is now 18 and has a job, and a place to live along with many other things. I think the best thing to go it go talk to a teacher, ask for help and tell them th... Read More »

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2002 Honda Civic Seat Install?

If you are missing a seat in your 2002 Honda Civic --- whether you removed it yourself during a repair and forgot how to reinstall it or it was removed for another reason --- don't despair. Install... Read More »

How do you install child seat?

are you serious?? im sure there are directions in a packet that comes with a child seat when you buy it.

How to Install a Child Seat in a Ford Truck?

Nationwide, children under the age of four must ride in a specially designed child safety seat. To facilitate correct safety seat installation, vehicles manufactured after May 2002 use an anchor an... Read More »

Who is at fault when you are putting your child inside the car in child seat in the rear seat and other car hits you backing off while are half out and half in?

In Idaho, you have to be above 4 foot 8 inches, or over 90 lbs.