How do you input codes for Olevia TV with dish network?

Answer Trick question? IFC, AMC, Sundance and WeTV aren't on dish

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How can you get a olevia 242T to work with a dish network remote?

ESPN is on Channel 140 found on all Dish Network satellite TV packages.

Dish network remote code to work with olevia tv?

The codes we have on file to program our DISH Network remote with your Olevia TV that you can try are 506 or 127. You can also give this a try: Hold the "TV" button at the top for abt 3 sec. long... Read More »

How can you get your Dish network remote to work with an olevia or lg flat screen TV?

If your referring to Fox News channel, that can be found on channel 205, Fox Business is on channel 206. Hopefully this helps you out!-Kirstie DISH network136 (This is FX NOT a Fox channel)

Which source do you use for dish network on olevia tv?

Whichever port you use on the back panel of the tv, will be the input (source) setting you will need to have the TV on. For example, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, TV, video.