How do you initiate Second parent adoption?

Answer This varies from state to state. You will no longer receive a stipend or board rate, but may qualify for an adoption subsidy. Generally you will only qualify if the child is a special needs child ... Read More »

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Does Tennessee allow second parent adoption if the second parent is the same-sex partner of the biological parent?

Answer Wow, this is a good question. I dont see why it would matter to the courts what your sexual preference is and I dont think you have to tell them that you are same sex partners. If you want... Read More »

Can adoption be set aside if divorce is filed less than one year after adoption by step parent who adopted spouses children?

Answer yesedited:NO! It can't. Adoption is permanent. The children have lost their birth certificates and had them sealed by the state now due to the finalization of the adoption. You took on paren... Read More »

Can a parent relinquish his rights without it being part of a step parent adoption?

One parent is for adoption and the other is not?

Better not do it. The one who did NOT want to adopt the child may resent the child and treat him/her badly. That would be very unfair to the child.You may want to see a professional for advice on r... Read More »