How do you increase the font size on a scanned document?

Answer What you see on the computer screen is not related to the size of the printout. When you are ready to print the scanned document, go to Print Preview to change the scale (size) of the font. On some... Read More »

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How can we reduce the size of a scanned document?

if it was saved as bitmap/paint just use stretch/skew in imagehorizontal and vertical will be @ 100% this is the actual size if you want the picture to be half the size put both at 50% hit OKif you... Read More »

How do I increase font size?

Computer FontTo increase the font size you see on your computer's menus and displays, you will need to change your personal settings. Right-click your mouse on your computer's desktop and select th... Read More »

How to Increase Font Size in Outlook?

When you're using Microsoft Outlook, sometimes incoming messages may include fonts that are too small for you to read. For someone who has eyesight problems, this can prove to be a challenge. Fortu... Read More »

Well i have scanned a document using a scanner,how can i make it editable i.e a word document which i can edit?

Pretty simple, you need an OCR application. It will convert the image into text file. Download from here: