How do you improve the depth of field in photography?

Answer I have listed what I know in no particular order of preference, and any of them could be used alone or in combination. What's best depends on your situation. 1) use a smaller aperture 2) move bac... Read More »

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How to Achieve Depth of Field in Photography?

Depth of field (DOF) in photography refers to the area in front and behind the subject in your photograph that appears in focus, while all other areas appear to be out of focus or blurred. DOF is u... Read More »

What does depth of field mean?

Depth of field (DOF) often refers to an element of photography. Depth of field is the measured distance between the closest and furthest object in the viewing area that are acceptably focused. The ... Read More »

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is the book by William Heyen

What is the best lens that gives best depth of field?

Depth of Field (DOF) is controlled by three factors:1) The focal length of the lens.2) The f-stop chosen.3) The subject distance.At you'll find an explanation of... Read More »