How do you improve battery life on iPhone?

Answer The first iPhone was released in the United States on June 29, 2007.

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Does filling then draining your iPod Touch battery improve battery life?

There is no proof that filling and then draining your iPod Touch battery improves battery life. To improve battery life, power your iPod off when not in use, and do not use features that require a ... Read More »

How to Improve the Battery Life of My Droid 2?

Taking steps to improve the battery life of your Droid 2 could mean the difference between running out of power halfway through the day or lasting for two days or more without a charge. Swift and e... Read More »

How to improve iPhone 3G battery?

No you must purchase a data package from AT&T for $40.00, no excuses with them. But if you unlock it you do not have to pay for internet as long as you have wifi were you are

How to Improve Your Dell Latitude D630 Battery Life?

Actually, many factors affect the amount of time that a laptop battery can deliver power before it must be recharged. How to extend dell latitude d630 laptop battery life? Here are some tips to imp... Read More »