How do you identify terminal of motor compressor in refrigerator?

Answer read terminals like a book start in the upper left corner common.... start...... and.... run terminal

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If the refrigerator door is accidentally left open will it burn out the compressor pump's motor?

If you leave your refrigerator's door open whilst it is switched off, no harm will be done - in fact it is a very good idea to do this as it will help to prevent the mold build-up which can easily ... Read More »

What are the refrigerator brands in India that use Hitachi compressor other than Hitachi refrigerator itself as of today?

Earlier Alwyn refrigerators used to sport Hitachi compressors.

How to Identify a Battery Terminal?

You should know how to identify battery terminals, particularly if you're wiring a car battery or device that has to be connected to the correct polarity. Every battery has two terminals: one posit... Read More »

What is a refrigerator compressor?

According to the website RefrigerationBasics, a refrigerator compressor is a vapor compression pump that uses pistons (or an alternative device) to compress refrigerant gas. Once the refrigerant ga... Read More »