How do you identify owl pellets?

Answer Owls are beautiful, mysterious creatures. One of the more interesting facts about them is that they create pellets of undigested food. Since owls do not have teeth, they cannot chew their food. Wha... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Wood Pellets & Corn Pellets?

Traditional methods of heating your home such as electric, gas and oil can be very expensive. There are alternative sources such as wood and corn pellets. These alternative sources of fuel are both... Read More »

What Do Owl Pellets Look Like?

Owl pellets are very common sights in forested areas and anywhere carnivorous birds, known as raptors, flourish. Scraps of undigested matter expelled in a thick ball, owl pellets, and bird pellets ... Read More »

What is the name for owl pellets?

Owl pellets are also called castings. Owls swallow their prey whole, but they can't digest certain animal parts such as bones and teeth. They regurgitate these parts in the form of a pellet or cast... Read More »

Lab Activity With Owl Pellets?

An owl pellet is a regurgitated mass of bones, fur and feathers of the animals the owl hunted as prey. At first thought, many might be disgusted at the thought of studying something that was previo... Read More »