How do you hookup a blue ray to HDTV?

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How to Hookup an HDTV to Cable?

High Definition televisions (HDTV) provide a picture quality of over twice what a standard definition TV provides. In order to receive the improved picture quality though you do need to change a fe... Read More »

Can you have a wireless HDTV hookup?

As wireless technology proliferates, consumers naturally want this tech to migrate to television sets to remove unsightly wires. HDTVs are a reality and well within the range of anyone already shop... Read More »

How to hookup DirecTV Hdtv box to regular tv?

Answer Hi, HDTV and regular TV signals aren't compatible. Unless you can get a converter box somewhere, don't waste your time trying. Hope this helps, Cubby

Do you need a blue ray player to watch a blue ray disc or only a hdtv with an ordinary DVD player?

You must have a Blue Ray player to play Blue Ray disks because it is a completely different format than DVD even though the disks look similar. This is similar to asking whether you can play DVDs i... Read More »