How do you hook up your computer to your TV to make it work like a monitor.?

Answer I cant help you a whole lot cause you are not specific enough.But, What kind of cable connections does your tv have? i will name a few in the order of "better to have"1. HDMI2.DVI3.VGA4.Svideo5.Com... Read More »

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Can you make a tv your monitor for a computer if so, how?

Just go on this website and it tells you all the step, so yes it is possible.…

You have broken your headphones off in your computer. how can you make the other headphone jack work?

3 hours straight is not good but it wont ruin your ears. Try not to listen to headphones all day. This will hurt your ears.

How to Make Your Computer Monitor Cable Ready?

A computer monitor can be used as a TV set with the use of a TV tuner box that connects directly to the computer monitor without being connected to a computer. Not only do these TV tuners make it p... Read More »

Can you safely hook up your current 3 wires to a new outlet and get your stove to work?

%DETAILS% Answer Sounds like a 220 volt stove. If you have a volt meter, checking the red to the black wire should show 220 volts AC. Checking the Black to the White should show 110 volts and the... Read More »