How do you hook up your computer to your HDTV?

Answer with a vga cable

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Do you hook your cable box to an HDTV?

A cable box can be used to connect to a high-definition television. Using component cables or HDMI, the box can be connected to the television to provide HD video and sound.References:Oceanic Time ... Read More »

What Kind of Cord Do You Need to Connect Your Desktop Computer to Your RCA HDTV?

Computers are connected to TVs for different reasons. Different types of cables can determine what type of picture quality your television will have after hooking it up. People that hook a PC to a ... Read More »

Is it safe to hook your home system to your computer head phone out put?

How do you hook up your computer to your TV to make it work like a monitor.?

I cant help you a whole lot cause you are not specific enough.But, What kind of cable connections does your tv have? i will name a few in the order of "better to have"1. HDMI2.DVI3.VGA4.Svideo5.Com... Read More »