How do you hook up headphones to a xbox 360?

Answer I don't know why don't you tell ME!

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How do you hook up skullcandy sgs xbox headphones?

Yes, they are incredible. I've owned one for quite a few years and it is as good as it was when I bought it - superb.

How do you hook up your Xbox 360 to a directv box hooked up to your tv to play the Xbox like that when the TV has no av jacks?

How to Hook up an Xbox 360?

For parents with younger children, hooking up a Xbox 360 can be challenging (even more challenging to someone who's new to the world of video game consoles). This will be a great help to people who... Read More »

How do i hook up a dvr with an xbox to a tv?

Run the AV cables from the back of the Xbox into the DVR's "Video-In" jacks. Line up the colors so that the yellow wire connects to the yellow jack, the red wire connects to the red jack and the wh... Read More »