How do you hook up head phones to DVD player?

Answer They are called Beats (b) and they are by hip hop artist Dr. DR E

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What if your head phones want stay plugged in your Phillips mp3 Player A little black piece fell out and now my head phones want stay plugged in can you please help?

Take your headphones, MP3 player, and the little black piece that fell out, into any shop that retails MP3 players and the tech guys will only be too happy to demonstrate to you how clever they are... Read More »

How do you hook up wireless head phones to car tv?

You can try getting an FM transmitter. You can find them cheap on EBay (you get the quality you pay for. Cheaper transmitters have smaller broadcast range.)With an FM transmitter plugged into your ... Read More »

Do you need head phones for an mp4 player?

Not all but most of the USB stick like ones you do.

Can a mp3 player be listened to without head phones?

Unless you have an Mp3 player that is also a phone, probably not.