How do you hook up earphones to your HP Desktop Model a000?

Answer Donnis- gone

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Can your hook up direct tv to desktop computer?

No, not unless you have the right cables and adapters.

How do I hook my magnavox dvd player model DV225mg9 to my sanyo tv model DP26647?

The inputs should be on the back of your dvd player. The yellow is for picture and right next to it should be the two inputs for the red and white audio cords.So a yellow, red and white goes into ... Read More »

Where do you plug earphones on desktop computer?

Most Likely On the back it will be green and next to a pink microphone jack Hope This Helps

How do I hook up HP desktop speakers?

Connect your HP desktop speakers to the included power cord (if they are powered speakers), then connect the power cord to your power strip or outlet.Locate the green audio connector on the back of... Read More »