How do you hook up cheap speakers that come with two sets of wires..'hi channel' blue wires?

Answer Don't listen to Stooge he's being Stooge. The two sets of wires can only be for the seperate speaker elements within the unit and are provided separately so you van drive them with different amplif... Read More »

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I have 2 sets of 5.1 surround speakers, where should i place the speakers to get best sound quality?

2 in the back (one on the left and the other on the right) for backround action. 2 in the front( one on the right and one on the left) for up-close action. and the rest on top of your TV and the ot... Read More »

Is it okay to put two sets of speakers on one output from a speaker box?

On One Hand: This Can Overheat Your AmpConnecting two sets of speakers to one amp (speaker box) can cause the amp to overheat and possibly blow the entire device or at least the output. The general... Read More »

What Size Amp Do I Need to Run Two Sets of Speakers& One 10-inch Sub?

The amplifier to run two sets of speakers and one 10-inch subwoofer should be rated at 1.6 to 2.5 times the continuous power rating of the speakers. This ensures enough headroom is available in the... Read More »

How do you hook up new black white and green wires to 2 old white wires and 2 old black wires?

Answer Black to black and white to white, the "new" green wire is a ground wire can be put into the electrical box with a wire nut over the end