How do you hook up a wall mount LCD TV without having the Direct TV wires hanging down the wall?

Answer Dion sanders

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How can you avoid the wires showing on the wall if you want to mount an LCD screen?

well if you use the wall plates that have the "plugs" on them they create a decent size hole in the wall. Now the face plate covers that up nicely so no fear, but the point is when using those plat... Read More »

How to Mount a Direct TV Receiver on the Wall?

Wall-mounting DirecTV receivers on specialized equipment shelves makes sense in places where adding A/V furniture is either impractical or impossible. This often is the case in bedrooms, kids' play... Read More »

How would you mount a TV to a wall that does not have those studs in back of the wall?

I'm very surprised that you would have a wall with no studs in it. Then again, maybe you're mounting it over a fireplace or something that's more of a soffit than a wall.I also wonder what kind of ... Read More »

What type wire d i run from tv to closet for surround and r in wall speakers as good as wall mount speakers?

16 gauge wire is fine... and the last writer was dead on with how to wire audio but I didn't see a question about video. I did read how ever you want to know about in wall verse on wall.One type i... Read More »