How do you hook up a printer?

Answer It's not hard.It should come with a cord that has two ends that look like this:…The one on the left (in the picture) is the one you plug into your computer... Read More »

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How do u hook u hook up a printer?

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How to hook up a printer?

you can easily download the drivers that were on the disk from Lexmark's website.

How do I hook up a printer that does not have a USB cable?

Head over to Radio Shack and get a LPTcable - USB adaptor. Plug the printer cable into the adaptor, and it into the USB port an print to your heart's content.

How to Hook a Printer to an iPad?

Although the devices are coveted for their sharp screens and flexible viewing options, iPad users do need to print documents or pictures sometimes. The iPad has no physical ports that will let you ... Read More »