How do you hook up a Direct TV box to a television?

Answer To make you pay for them I think

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How do you hook up a monitor to a direct tv satellite cable box to watch television?

10 points!!! I need help, I have an old television that I can't hook up a dvd player to, I have to hook?

dvd>vcr line invcr>to tv antenna in (round coax cable-like what delivers cable tv to the house)view on ch 3 or 4 on tv-switch on back of most vcr'splug cable/sat into vcr antenna in

You just got direct tv how do you hook up the vcr to be able to record show is from the direct tv receiver?

okay here goes. first off what out-put on the reciver box coax, rca (red,white,yellow) s vedio, composit,componet hdmi. lets say coax use rca cables from the out on the dtv reciver to the imput on ... Read More »

How do you hook up a DVD and vcr to a television?

Answer Read the instructions that came with them.