How do you hook a speaker to a headphone jack?

Answer Depends on the specific models that are being compared

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Headphone Jack and Speaker Jack?

You can buy a gizmo that you plug into the line out jack or headphone jack that has one plug and two sockets on it. I'm not sure what this is called, maybe a 'splitter'. It's used to allow two peo... Read More »

Can you use headphone wire to hook up to a speaker?

Fake, i got 2 pairs and all the tell tale signs, green text on packaging, decall wears of instantly, no serial numbers, sound crap!, ive heard many reports of PURE BASE aka Read More »

Enable sound in headphone jack and internal speaker?

How do you hook up an mp3 player to an old am-fm radio through a headphone jack?

You buy a cord that has the right size Male jack at BOTH ENDS. You put one end (doesn't matter which) into the iPod, the other into the Radio's Headphone jack. You can do this on newer radios, but ... Read More »