How do you hook a Bose lifestyle 18 to direct tv?

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Can I hook up the speakers of a Bose LifeStyle 12 with any brand receiver?

I'm not familiar with those speakers, but they should be from 4 to 16 ohms, probably 8. They should work fine on almost any receiver, just don't over drive them, you can tell when you do, they will... Read More »

Will your dish vip622 remote control your Bose v20 lifestyle surround sound three bose codes do NOT work.?

No, the dish network remote only has those codes. If you want to control everything, get a Logitech Harmony remote.

How to Hookup Bose 901 Speakers to the Bose Lifestyle III System?

Bose stereo systems use a proprietary speaker connection with a special plug and cable unique to the Bose line of audio products. The wires and plugs are attached permanently to the speakers and co... Read More »

Bose lifestyle v35....its quite good...why people say Bose is bad?

In a nutshell Bose relies on trickery and advertising to sell their stuff. It is not audiophile quality but they pass it off as such. Thus the high prices. Their speaker systems are designed to tri... Read More »