How do you hold a gerbil?

Answer Gerbils are social animals who quickly become comfortable with their caregivers if handled correctly. Hand-taming a new gerbil simply takes time, patience and a careful touch. A gerbil who is not h... Read More »

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How to Know if a Gerbil Is Ill?

Mongolian gerbil pupIt's important to keep an eye on any pet and know when you need to take them to the vet. Like an animal, a gerbil will sometimes need veterinary treatment. Below are some signs ... Read More »

How to Catch Your Gerbil?

Well, as you know, gerbils are fun and sensitive! They might escape your cage if you left the door open or so. If your gerbil goes missing, look somewhere dark (for exapmle, under the bed) or somep... Read More »

Gerbil Bite....?

As with any cut, it has a risk of getting infected. It's good you washed it and stopped the bleeding. I suggest bandaging it with an anti-bacterial ointment, neosporin is good. Change it every 24 h... Read More »

How to Splitcage a Gerbil?

Agouti male in splitcageGerbils need company of their own kind and gender, but a single adult gerbil can ONLY be introduced safely to another adult gerbil through the splitcage method. This article... Read More »