How do you hide a pot plant from your parents?

Answer you don't

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How to Hide a Pet from Your Parents?

Do you have a pet that your not supposed to have? Or do you plan on getting a pet that your not allowed to get? This article will show you how you can hide it from your parents.

How to hide your alchol from your parents?

wrap bottles in a towel. be careful, those things can get you messed up quick if you are a light weight girl with no food.

How to hide drinks from my parents?

The wine could survive under your bed but the beer is a problem. maby if you get a cooler and fill it with ice that would work. but you would have to change the ice when it turns into WARM water

How to Hide Things from Parents?

want to hide money, booze, cigarettes, love letters etc. from your parents? tired of them finding your stuff? read on...