How do you hide a facebook from parents and siblings?

Answer If you want to block them completely from being able to find you on Facebook, click on Account on the top left corner then click on Privacy settings. Near the bottom of the screen that comes up it ... Read More »

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How to Hide Money from Your Siblings and Parents?

Did your brother steal 20 dollars off you? Did your parents borrow money again? Did your sister need money for her Summer camp?Read this guide on how to hide your money.

How to hide my facebook birthday so people cant see it on the calender at the top right of facebook?

change your birthday too another date then near that date change it again

How to Hide Your Diary from Siblings?

A diary is normally something that you want to keep private. Nosy family are an issue. But there are some things you can do to stop people looking at and finding your diary. Follow these simple steps.

How to Hide Candy from Your Greedy Siblings?

Do you hate it when your younger/older siblings eat your candy without your permission and tell your parents you stole some candy? Do you always want to hide it and keep it away from their greedy m... Read More »