How do you hear music if your earphones does not work?

Answer Donnis- gone

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I can only hear 1 side of the earphones the other side i keep moving the cable until i hear it.?

Sorry you'll have to buy new ones, the copper wires have broken, you'll need new ones.

I can't hear any vocals on my earphones, help?

That happens all the time with any headphones.You'll just have to get new ones.

Are people able to hear your music through FM transmitter if they are on the same frequency Therefore are they able to hear your phone conversations if you are using hands free function?

If you have the money GET IT! I'm saving up for one at the mo, someone I know let me have a go on theirs and I absolutely love it! The camera is amazing and is really easy to view your pictures and... Read More »

Can you hear ipod nano with out earphones?

If Private is a TV show then it will come on itunes soon if it doesn't get a life