How do you heal an iPod with water inside?

Answer Do not attempt to turn the iPod on or plug it into the computer. Leave it in a dry location for 2-3 weeks to allow it to completely dry out. Then try to turn it on or plug it in. It might work, ... Read More »

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Why cant you put glass with water inside the refrigerator?

Answer Water expands when it becomes ice.So the glass will break if you put a glass of water inside the refrigerator. I put glasses of water inside my refrigerator all the time.It keeps it cold. If... Read More »

I cut myself a little bit on my wrist and I washed it with water how long would it take to heal?

I did the same thing. I washed it with hydrogen peroxide though. It's still healing but it should take no longer than 2 weeks I believe. Goodluck! C:

How to Heal an Open Sore Inside of the Mouth?

An open sore inside of your mouth is most likely the result of a burst canker sore. Canker sores can appear during times of stress or hormone imbalance. They can also appear due to the sodium laury... Read More »

What is inside an ipod?

The popular Apple iPod's various component manufacturers are under non-disclosure contracts, making it difficult to find out specifics of its internal hardware. Its technical specifications are, ho... Read More »