How do you heal a swollen ankle?

Answer It's highly likely that you sprained your ankle. A Grade 2 possibly because there's bruising. 1.) Definitely ice (like everyone else has said) 2.) Elevate your ankle (preferably above heart level) ... Read More »

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Tripped and my ankle started to hurt a little and now my ankle is it sprained .if how long 2 heal?

I have some experience here. I played football through college and had alot of sprains. I would guess its sprained but can not know for certain without looking at it. None the less, Ice will help i... Read More »

What's the best way to heal swollen ankle?

Hi Arch,It takes a long time for a badly swollen ankle to heal - months sometimes. The ice is recommended for the first 24 hours after the injury. Following that period of time, it is better to u... Read More »

Swollen ankle what do I do?

Ice it. Elevate it.If swelling isn't down in 48 hours - go to doctor.

Why is my ankle swollen/?

Your ankle is swollen due to edema and tissue damage.