How do you heal a popped blister fast?

Answer Wash it out first with cold water. Blot it with alcohol and dry it. Then, put a dab of an antibacterial like Neosporene on it and cover with a bandaid.

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How to heal a popped blister?

A bandaid and antibiotic ointment works for me.The next time you get a blister sterilize a pin in a flame and poke once into it. Push on it to drain the fluid then cover with the bandaid.When the s... Read More »

How can my blister heal fast?

Yes. Do not pop up. Only thing is give attention not to get it hit by external objects. Being a blister better give it air contact. But do not daustand foriegn materials for which you put a gauze.

Way to treat a open blister and make it heal fast?

Ugh I get these all the time being a girl breaking in new shoes most weeks. Yeah the skin over it had all the fluid in it and if you have popped it thats okay the skin will just be really raw and e... Read More »

What do you put on a popped burn blister?