How do you heal a cold sour scab fast?

Answer If you pick the scab of it will take much longer to heal,just leave it to fall of in its own time ,that way you won't be left with a scar................

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How to heal a scab fast?

Put some neosporin on it, and cover it with a band-aid at night. bacitracin isn't as good - neosporin is better. Then use a little dab of concealer.

How do you get a scab to heal fast?

Mostly you just need to leave it alone and don't pick at it. You cannot make it heal faster.

Coldsore scab on nose.... help! I need this to heal FAST!?

If it's not healing properly, it may be infected in which case you'll need a dose of antibiotics. It's infected if it is continuously weeping fluid, or there's pus, it's turning green or yellow, an... Read More »

Nose Scab How Can I Heal It?

A little neosprin and some time. You will be fine.