How do you have triplet babies?

Answer Triplets occur when three mature eggs are released near the same time, fertilized, and implanted in the uterus. Less likely, but possible, is when a fertilized egg splits in two and then one part s... Read More »

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How do you triplet babies?, in real life, you jut have to be lucky- on the Sims 2, simeutaneously hold ctrl, shift, and c. A little text bar should pop up at the top of the screen. Type in it 'testingcheatsenabled... Read More »

If you had triplet girls, RIGHT NOW, what would you name them?

The triplet were born!?

I have kept up to date with all of your lovely children and I was excited about hearing about the triplets. I am so glad that Jessica is ok. I hope Sarah and the twins are happy too. I am so sorry ... Read More »

How many beats are there in a triplet?