How do you have triplet babies?

Answer Triplets occur when three mature eggs are released near the same time, fertilized, and implanted in the uterus. Less likely, but possible, is when a fertilized egg splits in two and then one part s... Read More »

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How do you triplet babies?, in real life, you jut have to be lucky- on the Sims 2, simeutaneously hold ctrl, shift, and c. A little text bar should pop up at the top of the screen. Type in it 'testingcheatsenabled... Read More »

Frozen babies are normal like other babies do they have any abnormalities?

Answer There is not such a thing as "frozen babies". If you mean embryos, then there is no scientific proof that they are any more likely to result in a child with physical or mental disabilities ... Read More »

How many babies can you have on babies first steps ds game?

You can have 1 baby per game. If you finish the game you get another baby.

If two twin couples have babies do the babies come out identical?

Yes exactly and they also come out as twins.. no matter what. So basically you get quads but you have to be careful they do not get physically attracted to their cousin assuming they are of opposit... Read More »