How do you have privacy while sharing a room with a younger sister?

Answer well, you can tell her/him that this is my side of the room, and that is that your can put a curtain up so its like a wall.

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Does Pennsylvania have a law against brother and sister sharing a room?

There is no English word to describe the relation of you and your brother-in-law's cousin's step-son. Your brother-in-law's cousin is not related to you, so neither is his cousin, and certainly not... Read More »

What are the laws on a brother and sister sharing a room?

There are no US laws prohibiting brothers and sisters from sharing a room.

Should I the older sister have to do all the house work when my younger sister who is nearly a teen do nothing?

No! ^_^Everyone in the household has to contribute for the household to be a working, safe, and enjoyable environment. Tell her to at least help fold clothes, or clean up around the house.

Is this normal found a pair of your underwear in your younger brothers room with cum stains on them I know boys have fantasies with panties but is this normal to masturbate to your sister's underwear?

If it was normal, then your brother would have his OWN pair of underwear, not panties, but still.