How do you hang a children's swing in a tree?

Answer you have to be 12 and have to be over 48 inches and have to be able to see over the dashboard

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How do I hang a tire swing from a tree?

LocationFind the strongest type of tree available to you. For instance, maple and oak trees are very durable if they are healthy, whereas cedar and pine trees are softer and not as strong. Choose... Read More »

How do I hang a tire swing?

Finding the Right TreeDetermine the tree from which to hang your tire swing. Look for a tree that is sturdy and healthy. It must have a strong, thick branch that extends away from the trunk of the ... Read More »

How thick should a tree branch be for a tree swing?

I would abandon the Do It Yourself approach and err on the safe side by having SwingsRus construct one from welded steel girders solidly set in concrete foundations. They also have a wide choice o... Read More »

How much chain is needed to hang a porch swing?

To hang a porch swing to the standard height of 17" to 19" off the floor, on a porch that is a standard height of 6' 6" to 8', you will need four chains that are each 7' long, for a total of 28'.So... Read More »