How do you handle your teenager getting a girl pregnant?

Answer Support them both in any way you can. Try to remember that you're not the only one upset by this. Chances are, he is too, and he needs you to be there for him to help him through. Think about it: y... Read More »

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Is there a chance of getting pregnant if 1-it was your first time 2-he didn't ejaculate in the girl 3- he didn't put all his penis in the girl?

Yes you can get pregnant on your 1st time, pre-ejaculate can contain sperm, full insertion is not required. Any contact of pre-ejaculate with the moisture can lead to sperm making contact with an ... Read More »

What is the percentage of a teenager getting pregnant?

Out of 6 million pregnancies is 750 000 of them by teens.

If you are 17 and your girl friend is 15 and she is pregnant and she is getting kicked out and there is 10 people living in your house its over crouded can you get a house with her?

Answer Legally, you can not because you both are underaged. But you could apply for emancipation, which you have to get signed by your parent, that says that you have a job, or money to live on you... Read More »

How can a girl protect her self from getting pregnant?

Always use protection. There are many methods and you can talk them through with your doctor. And always make him wear a condom. That is the only one that protects from diseases which can be much w... Read More »