Can you hack into someones phone without them having to accept or decline?

Answer Depending upon the cell phone and the security software that is on it, it is possible. It is called Bluejacking or Bluesnarfing.Bluejacking is where anonymous bluetooth mesages are sent from one ph... Read More »

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How Do You Tap Someones Cell Phone?

For that you would need the exact frequency that phone works on & the network. You would also need very specialized radio gear for the interception of RX/TX from that specific phone. There's ways t... Read More »

How can i tell if someones cell phone is tapped?

You can follow these steps: 1. Listen for pulsating static. 2.Check for overheating. 3.Notice a drained battery. 4.Note any inexplicable activity. 5.Consider whether you have a suspicious spouse. H... Read More »

How do I block someones cell phone number?

Yes you need to call your carrier to totally block the number from calls and texts. If you have a call reject list on your phone, then you can put that number on the list and it will automatically... Read More »

How do you find out someones cell phone number?

You can: Ask them Look on their business card Send them a letter asking for the information E-mail them and ask Phone them on their landline and ask Ask a mutual friend Dial random cell phone numb... Read More »