Why dont guys my age find me attractive?

Answer I'm 20 I think you look lovely a bit emo though but you are very good looking if I could I would date you :)

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Do guys find makeup more or less attractive?

In my opinion, a guy should love you for your personality and for what he loves about you, not makeup. Go natural. If he loves you, he won't care if you wear makeup or not:)

Can older guys find women?

In today's world, connecting with a person for a casual encounter, dating experience or a long-term relationship can be difficult. With the explosion of new technology, you have more avenues than e... Read More »

Guys only. What's something odd you find irresistible about a girl?

skinny jeans..... ah they're extremely hot

What do guys find physically attractive?

I personally judge a girl by her face most of all.. I find myself looking at white and latina girls quite often. I like a pretty faced skinny girl, a nice butt is always a plus :) Breast size is be... Read More »