How do you grow stevia?

Answer Stevia is an annual herb. It can be grown from seeds or seedlings. Seeds may be sown in the soil after the last threat of frost is past in your area, or you may start it earlier (about three to fo... Read More »

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How do I grow stevia in arizona?

Plant stevia in the evening, two to three weeks after the last frost in the spring. Plant them in fertile, sandy loam or loamy soil. Stevia does best in a slightly acidic or neutral soil with a pH ... Read More »

How do I grow stevia plants?

Start SeedsStart seeds of stevia in a warm moist area, either indoors or outdoors. Stevia seeds have a low germination rate, with only 30 percent of seeds germinating in a two- to three-week perio... Read More »

Uses for Stevia?

A product that can satisfy the sweet tooth without adding calories, carbohydrates, or chemicals to the diet sounds like an impossible dream. In fact, the unassuming little stevia plant has been doi... Read More »

How to Use Stevia?

Stevia, also referred to as sweet leaf, is a perennial shrub with leaves that are sweet to the taste. Used for centuries around the world, individuals who use stevia typically are diabetics, the ca... Read More »