How do you grow palms in North Carolina?

Answer It's not hard at all. Visit Gary in New Bern, NC. He'll help you out. Depending on your location, you'll be able to grow, at the very least, Trachycarpus fortunei and maybe Butia capitata if you ar... Read More »

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How to Grow Cherry Trees in North Carolina?

Fruited cherry trees don't produce good quality fruit reliably in most parts of North Carolina, according to the University of North Carolina County Extension Office. Fortunately, several varietie... Read More »

How do I grow peach trees in North Carolina?

PlantingPlant the tree between Thanksgiving and mid-April. Go to a nursery or home improvement store to buy the peach tree. Locate a spot in your yard that receives full sun and has six to eight fe... Read More »

Garden Plants That Grow in North Carolina?

North Carolina features high elevation mountain regions and rocky coastal areas, as well as a temperate climate. The best garden plants for North Carolina gardens depend on the part of the state in... Read More »

What Are the Easiest Vegetables to Grow in North Carolina?

Whether you're planting your first garden or you're just looking for an easy vegetable to plant around your house, a variety of vegetable plants grow well and easily in North Carolina. A state know... Read More »