How do you grow millet?

Answer I think you mean mullet. You can grow a mullet by going to a barber or beautician and telling them to cut your hair to where you may grow a mullet. or you can just shave the front and sides of your... Read More »

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How to Grow Millet?

White MilletGrowing millet can be fun and exciting for you and your bird. If you go to the store, millet can go as high as $1.50 per spray. Ouch! Don’t be discouraged to try growing millet yourse... Read More »

How do I grow millet spray?

Millet is very easy to grow and you can grow it in normal soil just like any other plant. We throw our leftover birdseed into the garden and water along with anything else. Before long we have mill... Read More »

How do you grow millet for parakeets?

You grow millet for your parakeets by planting the seed from the stalks you purchase (there are always a few in the bottom of the bag) in rich soil that is a little sandy for good drainage. Do not ... Read More »

How fast does rye brown top millet&redtop grass grow?

Brown top millet grass (Panicum ramosum) and redtop grass (Agrostis gigantea) are both rapidly growing, early maturing grasses. Both plants grow to a height of 2 feet in about 60 days, then flower ... Read More »