How do you grow cantalope from seeds?

Answer Don't even try. My apartment caught fire when the plastic got too hot on the heating coil. Just buy a new heating coil and replace it.

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Can I grow pumpkins from seeds found in a pumpkin from the supermarket?

Sure! I've done it more than once.When the fall season is over I take my pumpkin and set it wherever I want the vine to be in the springtime. Provided that the squirrels and birds don't eat all th... Read More »

If you plant the seeds from inside a tomato you buy from the supermarket, will it grow and bear fruit?

They should grow, however they may not produce a tomato that looks like the one you bought. If the tomato you bought is a hybrid or genetically manipulated the plant resulting from the seed plante... Read More »

How do I grow zinnia from seeds?

Starting Seeds IndoorsStart zinnias early indoors in potting trays or pots to give them added growing time for the season. Add two seeds per pot or one seed every inch if sowing in an open tray. Co... Read More »

Can you grow heuchera from seeds?

Heuchera, or coral bells, can be grown from seed but will not flower until the second year. The seeds are tiny, with 500,000 seeds in an ounce. Heuchera can also be propagated by division and by le... Read More »