How do you grow an apple tree from an apple seed?

Answer Firstly, you dry out the seed.You can do this by putting it on a window sill for a couple of daysThen find a spot in the garden that is not full sun, but with a balance of sun and shade.Water your ... Read More »

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How to Grow an Apple Tree from a Seed?

Here is a step by step article on how to grow your very own apple tree. Apple trees grown from seed provide both children and adults alike with a very satisfying gardening activity.

Will an apple grow out of an apple seed?

An apple tree will grow from a seed, but the tree will not bear fruit unless it is cross pollinated with another nearby apple tree. There is no guarantee that the fruit will be the same as the pare... Read More »

How do I start an apple tree from seed?

Set your apple seeds out to dry until all moisture dissipates. Insert your seeds 1/2 inch into a soil-filled container. Soak the soil with water.Cover or insert into a cold frame. Keep the soil moi... Read More »

I swallowed some apple seeds and I'm real scared an apple tree will grow inside me?

My dear, keep drinking water.Don't you know? Preventing the seeds from sprouting is like abortion!!!You have life inside of you!!!Don't do it! You will go to Hell!!!I pray to Jesus, you will not a... Read More »