How do you grow a decorative potato?

Answer Grow a PotatoChoose a potato with lots of eyes and suspend it with the eyes up in a jar of water. Allow just the bottom to touch the water and use toothpicks to keep the potato suspended if the mou... Read More »

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Can potato roots grow without the potato attached">?

Hi,potatoes are stems in a way,that,s why they go green if left outside,but the root that you infer may well not do much good, if at all.I would plant some seed potatoes from a reputable shop-after... Read More »

How to Grow a Decorative Vegetable Garden?

A decorative vegetable garden is a delightful sight and one that amazes many people who don't realise that vegetables carry a beauty all of their own. In fact, many vegetables were once grown purel... Read More »

Would it be feasible and safe to grow a decorative mushroom in a small pot If so, where could I get one?

Not really. The mushroom, which is the fruiting body of a much larger underground organism (mycelium), only lives for a few days before it releases spores and dies, and most of them are only found ... Read More »

Will a potato grow in a cup of water?

A potato will grow in a container of water. Suspend a potato with growth from its eyes in a cup of water using toothpicks stuck into the sides to support it on the edge of the glass. Put the glass ... Read More »