How do you go idle on facebook im ?

Answer It isn't like MSN messenger where you can set you status to "Away" or "Busy" etc. For you to appear under the "Idle" section, you must remain inactive for a certain period of time (not too sure ex... Read More »

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What does idle mean in Facebook?

Facebook is a popular social website where users can create personal pages, play games and chat with friends. Facebook has an instant message feature where users can instantly chat with each other.... Read More »

How long does it take to go idle on facebook chat?

If you don't click anything on facebook for ~10 minutes, you will appear idle (but still online, ie. people can still message you).To go back as online simply click any link on facebook, or just re... Read More »

What does the idle status on facebook chat mean?

An idle person on facebook chat, is a person who hasn't done anything on the site for over 10 minutes.

On Facebook chat, what does it mean when someone is idle?

they haven't signed out but they have not made any movement on teh site for a while.Like on MSN when it says away