How do you go about having the father sign his rights away?

Answer you can get him drugged out and then tell him to sign if he loves your kids.

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How can you go about having your daughter being adopted by your husband if the biological father cannot be located to sign over his rights?

In order to legally challenge paternity, a civil suit must be filed in Family Court. If the judge orders a DNA test, the parties will need to pay a few hundred dollars to have the test performed an... Read More »

Where do you go to get papers for father to sign his rights away?

Can a adoption still happen if the father won't sign his rights away?

Answer No, the father, can take custody of the child but this does NOT take custody away from you just because you wanted to give your child up for adoption.

Can a father sign away his rights so the new husband can adopt the child in west Virginia?

The answer varies based on location. In some places it may be allowed, but not in others. You would need to check the laws in your area. It IS possible to adopt an adult... but in order to adopt so... Read More »