How do you go about having a father's rights taken away from them?

Answer Answer First, you can get him to sign a termination of parental right. If he refuses, then I would suggest you prove that he is unfit. You can petition friends, family and neighbors who know him an... Read More »

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Can a fathers rights be taken away if he cannot support his child?

Hi if u mean the he does not pay child Pennsylvania no they still have all rights to see their children. The courts will tell you that they are two different courts. And if they don't ... Read More »

In Michigan can the biological fathers rights be reinstated after having relinquished them so the child could be adopted by the mothers new spouse if the adoption does not go through?

Most people want to adopt a baby or a two-year old child. Those lists are quite long. If you want an older child the lists are shorter.

How do you go about having the father sign his rights away?

you can get him drugged out and then tell him to sign if he loves your kids.

How can you get parental rights taken away from an abusive mother?

You need to be able to prove the abuse, pictures, journals some kind of record of what is happening. Then you can go to the police and or CPS. However you should report any supected abuse to the po... Read More »