How do you go about having 2 computers at home in different rooms?

Answer Buy a router box and connect it to your main pc..................Then follow the instuctions how to set it up and you should have internet on both PCs....................

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What game show has different people in a different rooms?

"Marge Gamer" : Seventeenth episode of the eighteenth season.

Can you have netflix linked to different devices in different rooms?

Yes I did that one time and they were both used at the same time. But I bet your family will use the XBOX 360 a lot more than the wii. The wii is kinda laggy.

Do different computers have different IP addresses if they are using the same internet connection?

If both your father's computer and your computer are connecting to the same router...You and your father's computer will have a different private IP address.You and your father's computer will have... Read More »

Ideas for Painting Rooms Different Colors?

Many people consider the old-fashioned way of painting the walls in the entire house with an off-white or neutral shade to be boring. Entryways, which can be viewed from a main living area such as ... Read More »