How to Give Someone a Hickey?

Answer HickeyA hickey is a discoloration of the skin -- a bruise, really -- caused by prolonged suction of the tongue and mouth against the skin. Hickeys are a mark of love or possession that advertises t... Read More »

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Can somebody give me a link to this?

i couldnt find that gun anywhere. i did find something close to that.

Can somebody give me a quick recipe?

Stir fried veg's over rice or pasta is quick and easyShrimp Scampi over Linguini is quick and easyBlue Cheese Burgers on the grillGrilled Pork chops and grilled veg'sMake some chili in a crock pot.... Read More »

Can somebody please give me an informal diagnosis?

Heavy chest infection which got triggered by astma. You may have to take antiobiotics. Consult a doctor.

Can somebody give me a star I want to decorate the sky?

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆. Is that enough?