How do you give payback to your sister?

Answer Before you leave for school go into her room and grab a bunch of her panties out of her underwear drawer. Write her name on the tag. Smear some chocolate or something in them if you wish... Then sc... Read More »

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Your parents are willing to give up custody of you and your sister wants to take you. Is this possible?

Your sister will need to be appointed by the appropriate court. With your parents' consent it should go fairly easily.

As a sister what would you do if your brother's wife interfere in your business - give unwanted advice and pass comment on you but you can't tell her anything in a fear of losing your loving brother?

Tell her "I'm sorry but I don't want or need these comments, this is my business and you have your own to worry about like my brother."If she doesn't like it she'll have to get over it.

Is Mother's Day only for your mom or is it for all moms for example do you need to give your sister who's a mom a card and or present or just attend to your mom only?

It depends. Some people consider Mother's day to be strictly for their own mother, while others view it as a day of celebration for all mothers. Everyone interprets it differently. However, tradit... Read More »

Can you obtain temporary custody of your 4-year-old niece from your sister your niece's father is in jail and your sister is neglecting your niece and has no home no job she is dangering her well bein?

Answer Probably, it depends on the state. The best chance would be to convince the father that the child is being neglected - if he signed a waiver agreeing to custody to you then it would aid in ... Read More »