How do you give payback to your sister?

Answer Before you leave for school go into her room and grab a bunch of her panties out of her underwear drawer. Write her name on the tag. Smear some chocolate or something in them if you wish... Then sc... Read More »

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Your parents are willing to give up custody of you and your sister wants to take you. Is this possible?

Your sister will need to be appointed by the appropriate court. With your parents' consent it should go fairly easily.

My sister put Limewire on my computer! Will it give me a virus?

No, Limewire itself will not give you a virus, but some of the computers that you connect to may have a virus attacched to the files that you are sharing. Remember ANY Peer to Peer Network file sh... Read More »

What advice can I give my 16 year old sister that just got her liscense?

The number one killer of teens is automobile accidents according to numerous resources.I agree, your sisters driving habits are too aggressive and dangerous. She seems clueless that the state isn't... Read More »

Does a sibling have a legal duty to give a transfusion for their sister?